Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Virtual Job Bonanza

In today’s gloomy economy, IT is one of many flat job markets. But, surprisingly, there is one area that seems unaffected -- virtualization. According to IT job board Dice, virtualization is the fastest-growing area of job growth in IT.

Dice announced this month that it has seen a 40 percent increase in job listings that require VMware experience in the past six months. A Dice poll revealed that 40 percent of respondents, who are IT professionals, said that they had "virtualized a significant number of servers and services."

Currently, Dice said that few job listings call for Hyper-V knowledge but the company is watching closely to see if demand will grow once Microsoft releases the product.

Tom Silver, Dice’s senior vice president of marketing and customer support, expects an even greater jump in virtualization jobs. He cites a McKinsey study, which said that data centers are expected to surpass the airline industry as a greenhouse gas polluter by 2020. According to Silver, "the need for a greener approach will help drive virtualization."

Silver’s forecast is backed by statistics from research firm IDC, which forecast that the market for virtualization will grow to $23.5 billion in 2011, a 27.1 percent increase in compound annual growth from 2006.

-- Michelle Savage


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