Friday, May 23, 2008

Egg-cited for Ballmer in Hungary

During a speech at a Hungarian university this week, Microsoft chief executive officer Steve Ballmer was pelted with eggs by a protestor, who accused Microsoft of stealing money from the Hungarian people.
It should have been a nice, friendly affair. The speech Ballmer gave was titled "You Can Change The World" and his audience was a group of business and technology students at Budapest's Corvinus University. Things were moving along smoothly until a man wearing glasses and a shirt that read “Microsoft Corruption” stood up and began hurling eggs at Ballmer.
As Ballmer ducked behind a podium, the man left peacefully, escorted by a university official. To his credit, Ballmer handled the situation well. He smiled and joked: "It was a friendly disruption." He later said that his first thought was that he had to keep his suit clean, as eggs don’t wash off easily.
This was not the first food attack on a Microsoft executive. In 1999, protesters pelted Bill Gates with custard pies.

-- Michelle Savage

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