Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Live, from HP Technology Forum

HP is making a few product announcements at its Technology Forum and Expo in Las Vegas this week, including change management and blade server technologies. But HP partners also have some news—here are the latest updates:

Ascert Provides Test Plug-in for Quality Center

Ascert today launched VersaTest Automation Plug-in for Quality Center, to provide a bridge between VersaTest Automator and HP's Quality Center that automatically creates central management, visibility, and a repository of tests and test results.

According to Rob Walker, managing partner of Ascert, VersaTest Automation Plug-in enables automation and expands the reach of Quality Center into parts of the enterprise that could not otherwise be accessed. Using the plug-in, Quality Center users can define and execute VersaTest server-level interface tests within Quality Center and validate the pass or fail results automatically.

Walker acknowledged that not all Quality Center users are willing to learn yet another product."So, we designed the plug-in to allow those users to execute VersaTest Automator tests and store test results from within the Quality Center software,” he said, adding that users do not have to acquire new skill sets to use it.

The VersaTest Automation Plug-in for Quality Center will run on Windows, Solaris and Linux servers.

HP User Groups “Connect”

Three large HP-focused user groups announced today that they have merged to provide a unified service to the 50,000 global users managing and maintaining old and new HP products and technologies.

By joining forces today, the former Encompass, HP-Interex EMEA and ITUG communities expect to expand their influence and power, while remaining independent of HP. The new group, called Connect, enables users to share knowledge and contacts while acting as a consumer advocate to HP.

The group plans to use Web 2.0 and social networking technologies to encourage community among its members and to attract a new generation of IT professionals, said Scott Healy, chairman of ITUG and vice president of industry solutions at Golden Gate Software.

-- Michelle Savage

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